Definitive Guide to NetIQ IDM Tokens

The Definitive Guide to NetIQ’s IDM Tokens is the authoritative guide to the hundreds of Nouns and Verbs, which are supported by IDM. Geoffrey Carman (aka geoffc) works at Computer Integrated Services of New York, a consulting firm in the New York City region. His focus is on Identity Management. Geoffrey has written over three hundred articles published at Novell Cool Solutions. He can also be found in the NetIQ Support Forums answering questions.

IDM Validator: The Missing Manual

The Validator tool itself comes as a ZIP file with versions specific to Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. Unzip the platform specific version, and there will be a script to run the application. A Java process will launch in a terminal window, and remain open until the application is terminated. Errors will be shown in this terminal and some informational messages.